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MTAmazon is a Movable Type plugin that uses your Amazon Associate membership to retrieve products from Amazon. It allows flexible searching and display of products from any of Amazon's product categories.
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Important Announcement: MTAmazon is alive and kicking. However, this webpage is no longer the best location to retrieve the latest news and announcements about the plugin. I think all users of MovableType and MTAmazon owe a special thanks to Adam Kalsey for creating such a cornerstone plugin for MovableType. The burden of maintaining it though is huge and must be shared. Byrne Reese has taken over primary development responsibility for the plugin and maintains an up-to-date website dedicated to the MTAmazon plugin.

In time, this page will be revamped as well to continue to provide valuable project status information. But for the time being, please direct your browsers to the Official Project Page and Blog.

MTAmazon 3.0 Coming Soon

May 19, 2003

Amazon has released a new version of the Web services system that MTAmazon uses (AWS). MTAmazon is being updated to include some exciting new features.

Keyword searches have always been possible, but now you can search for keywords within wishlists, browse nodes, and ListMania lists. Use MTAmazon to display just the Sony items on your wishlist if you want. I've got some clever ideas for how to use this feature for some highly targeted searches that I'll share once the plugin is done.

You'll finally be able to search by price. Got a community photoblog? Show your users low-budget digital cameras and camera phones.

This is still expiremental, so things may change, but the plan is to let visitors add items to their Amazon shopping carts while staying on your site. Once they are ready to check out, the cart will be transfered to Amazon where they can enter their payment information.

I'm also planning better support for people without XML::Parser installed. If you haven't been able to use MTAmazon because your host didn't have the required modules, there's still hope. I'm trying some things that will let MTAmazon parse the AWS XML responses using modules that are easier to install.

I'm also going to add some access to more information about products like customer reviews.

Anything else? Tell me what you want to see in the next MTAmazon.

Eating our dogfood

December 29, 2002

This site used to be maintained by editing HTML. Now we've moved it over to Movable Type so we can show some live examples of the plugin. The examples will be added soon.

If you are using MTAmazon, you can add yourself to the list of example sites by sending a TrackBack ping to

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